The Unrepeatables

While I don’t think of my blog as a mental health blog, in some ways I owe it to my own struggles in this department.  I started blogging to try and pull myself out of a bad funk.  Then I failed, and you can see the year of silence screaming out of the archives where I thought every word I ever had had dried up forever.  Then I got some help and one of the first ways I saw improvement was that a little flicker of writing inspiration began to glimmer in the corners of my mind.  It took about three months to very carefully sneak up on that whisper of creativity and capture it without it melting away. . .

. . .  I am reminded that, while these illnesses feel intensely personal and isolating, there are many many others fighting similar battles.  To connect with each other breaks through the walls that so easily box us in.  So without further ado, I’m going to take the Blog For Mental Health 2014 pledge.  I don’t know how often I’ll write on the topic (I don’t like to force things), but when I do my personal goal is to do so less apologetically, more unabashedly.